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MS Lookout.HEIC

At Zoe's Colour Cove I believe that everyone is creative and has an artistic talent waiting to be developed.

All for art & Art for all
Paint classes for all skill levels.

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The reason you may not know how to paint is simply that no one taught you. Did you know that a very small percent of people are born with a natural talent to paint? Everyone else can learn and discover their abilities. If you can sign your name, throw a ball, or tie your shoelaces, you can learn how to paint. Let me teach you.

MS Lookout.HEIC


"My wife and I just did a Valentine’s Couples Paint Night with Zoe and we loved it. It was really fun to do something different and create something together. I had never really tried painting before but Zoe does a great job of walking you through the steps and we left with a picture we’ll be proud to hang up in our home. On top of that Zoe put out a great spread at each table with lots of tasty treats and even a couple of beverages each to enjoy. It was a blast and we would recommend it to anyone! Thanks, Zoe."


"We are so happy that Zoe offers this class! My daughter is very passionate about painting and loves learning new techniques! My daughter took a few classes from Zoe, before Covid and always comes home with beautiful paintings! Zoe sincerely cares about the children and inspires them in so many ways! If you have a child that is interested in art/painting, book a spot today, you won’t be disappointed!"


"My daughter has been painting with Zoe over the last 5 years. From child to preteen, and now teenager, she looks forward to painting with Zoe, with and without her friends. We are lucky to have Zoe available in our community."


"I went to one of Zoe's Paint & Sips with some of my pals and we had a blast! Zoe provided drinks, charcuterie and a fun time!!! She was a great teacher! She broke down the steps so everyone could follow along easily and feel like a real painter. It was a great Friday night activity in Golden and I will definitely be back!"


"My wife and I attended Valentine’s Couples Paint Night hosted by Zoe. I have never painted before and Zoe’s instructions were amazing and she made it feel very easy and natural. It was a blast to create something with my significant other and we plan on attending future classes. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone even the artistically inept like myself."


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